How To Cut Shoulder Length Bob Yourself

Aug 02

How To Cut Shoulder Length Bob Yourself

Being able to cut a layered bob is an extraordinary method to keep a hairstyle new without the need to visit the hairdresser which, thusly, will empower to you set aside cash. With a little endurance and by following some easy points, you will be able to cutting your own hair.

Section Hair

Slacken any tangles by combing all the hair back, as though getting ready to tie a ponytail at the scruff of the neck. From this beginning position to cut shoulder length hair, you can continue to part the hair.

Begin with a center parting that keeps running from the forehead to the scruff of the neck, at that point utilize another parting that keeps running from ear to ear so the hair is in 4 sections.

Secure the 2 top sections of hair with clips so they don’t cause a hindrance when dealing with the rest of the hair. Part the hair at the scruff so you are left with 1 inch thick section of hair from each side nearest to the underlying parting.

Comb this section of hair down subsequent to clipping off the rest of the hair.

Get Basic Bob Shape

So as to get a layered bob, you should initially start with a fundamental bob. To cut shoulder length bob yourself in a shape, begin with this free section of hair and utilize your fingers and a comb to apply some tension.

When you have destroyed the comb to the required length, use it as a manual for deliberately cut the hair in a straight line.

When the cut is finished it very well may be utilized to guide you, following this system by parting off further sections until all back and sides of the hair is cut to a similar length.

Part Top Section

When cutting a layered bob, the top section of the hair is the most significant. Discharge the clips that protected the 2 top sections to empower you to part 1 inch thick section of hair either side of the center parting. Comb these 2 sections forward before the face before protecting the rest of the hair with the clips.

Include Layers

Begin with 2 sections so as to include layers. Making use of a similar system as before to apply some tension, utilize your fingers and a comb as a manual for cut a straight even line. The length will be reliant on to what extent you need the underlying layer to be, which must be between the lengths of your periphery and the back section of hair that you cut earlier.

Keep sectioning off little sections of hair to rehash the method until the whole top section is uniform to trim your own long hair.

Wrap Up

Comb the hair back down before parting the hair in the way that you need it to fall. Consider the style cautiously by applying tension to guarantee that it is equivalent. If you discover any strands of hair that are strange, cautiously move these away with your fingers and a comb as a guide so they mix in with the remainder of the layered bob style.