How to Lighten Dyed Hair That is Too Dark

Apr 29

How to Lighten Dyed Hair That is Too Dark

Coloring hair becomes popular to look young and hide the grey. Sometimes many persons experimental in coloring may end up with tad dark of taste. If you find the difficulties to fix hair color that is too dark just follow the below instructions for a lighten hair after dying too dark.

Hey dude! Is your hair color turned to disaster? Are you worrying about stuck with hair color that looks tad dark? Don’t worry friend! Here is an excellent find out techniques to fix your problem.

How to lighten the dyed hair that is too dark using easy & safe tricks?

  • Intervening Immediately Once you Dye

First, rinse the hair with hot water that helps to open up the cuticles. It allows more dye to be stripped off. Rinse your hair completely in the sink or in shower. This greatly helps to lighten hair after dying too dark.

  • Clarifying Shampoo – Savior in Disguise

Rinse in hot water gives a moderate result. If you are unhappy with the above method, wash hairs with a clarifying shampoo.

Clarifying shampoos has the ingredients that are capable to strip the hair with the surfactants present in it. Allow grabbing a bottle of clarifying shampoo surpassing with artificial color gives the best lightened dyed hair.

Apply the shampoo on wet hair. With the help of shampoo paste rough thoroughly on the dyed portion to fix hair color that is too dark.

lighten dyed hair

Natural ways to lighten dyed hair

Sometimes natural way works out well comparatively with chemical laden products. Natural ways are safe and secure.

  • Use of Lemon Juice to lighten dyed hair

Gently apply the lemon juice on the hair and allow it to dry over the sun for some time. The citric acid present in the juice will open up the cuticle due to heat that lightens hair after dying too dark.

It takes approximately one week to show the result. As it is quite natural there won’t be any side effects.

Use Sea Salt: Make a paste with sea salt and water, apply thoroughly on wet hair. Allow to dry for some time and wash it properly. This shows the best result in very few days.

  • Using Honey – fix hair color that is too dark

Honey contains hydrogen peroxide that greatly helps to fix hair color that is too dark. Add 1/3 of honey with a conditioner then apply on damp hair. Allow it to leave for the whole night and wash out in the morning.

This provides the best result without damaging the hair. It greatly helps in lighten hair after dying too dark.

  • Choice of choosing a color lightener or Remover

If you feel, any above method is not fulfilling your need, and then try using a color lightener or color remover for better help. They strip your hair color and make them be stronger and very soft and moisture in nature.

When there is no other way or you don’t have time to experiment the best method makes use of color lightener or remover to lighten dyed hair quickly.

  • Get advice from Professionals

If your hair dye is tad dark and you want to fix hair color that is too dark it is better to get consult with a best professional for your hair coloring problem.

Some people may scare of too dark dye and thinks on un imaginary & impossible happenings. It is better to consult than to try any natural or artificial methods.

The hair professionals or hair stylist gives the better guidance than any other.

After the execution of these successful ideas, you look gorgeous and stunning hair in no time. Just be relaxed and breathe normally.