How to Use a Hair Mask? – Eminent Tips & Tricks for Styling Hair Beauties

May 11

How to Use a Hair Mask? – Eminent Tips & Tricks for Styling Hair Beauties

According to the experts’ view, there are two types of mask preferred for curly hair routine. Protein-based mask and pure moisture mask. It is essential to apply a hair mask for the perfect hairstyle.

Ways of using a hair mask for styling?

A protein-based mask is the best hair mask for strengthening the hair. It protects the hair from damaging or breaking. The pure moisture masks are suitable for curl type dryness. It’s even replaced by the conditioner.

What to do a hair mask?

The moisture mask helps with detangling on hair. It greatly helps in preventing from damage and helps in rehydration of curls.

Apply a hair mask in the right way replenishes the nutrient that in turn strengthens the fertility of the hair. It is advisable to go for protein mask treatment simultaneously with moisture hair mask results in best rehydration.

use a hair mask

How to apply a hair mask?

For a tremendous result, it is essential to know about how to use or apply a hair mask?

When you are using a hair mask, first apply on wet hair, the ingredients of the mask absorb better in wet hair.  Make sure to start with a clean canvas for an optimum result. If you find difficult in removing oil or dense dirt apply shampoo to clean the hair before applying the mask.

Time interval to leave a hair mask on hair

Apply the hair mask on the shower that helps to open the cuticle in hair. Allow the mask for at least 10 minutes on the head shows the best results.

In case of tight or less porous hair, apply the hair mask using fingers mechanically for efficient result. Once you wash the hair, wrap it tightly in a damp towel for around 5 – 10 minutes or use a steamer for best result.

For best results, to do a hair mask in the shower – the steam will help to open your hair’s cuticle. Leave the mask in your hair for at least two minutes, and up to 10 minutes.

What happens if time exceeds during hair mask?

To do a hair mask in protein treatment, leave the mask as per the instruction and direction of use. When you leave the mask for more than the required time interval may cause damage or breakage in hair.

In case of moisture mask, it’s fine to apply a hair mask and leave for long-lasting time doesn’t show any bad effects.

apply a hair mask

Merits of Using Hair Mask

  • The regular usage of hair mask strengthens hair roots & follicles
  • Apply a hair mask controls over oil production in the scalp
  • It stimulates the blood circulation in the scalp
  • It removes impurities, dead cells, pores, dandruff.
  • It repairs the damaged hair.
  • It reduces the heat, stress helps you to feel peace & relax.
  • The use of hair mask leaves you to feel refresh and rejuvenate.
  • To do a hair mask regularly combats dull & damaged hair

Things to avoid after hair mask

  1. It is highly recommended not to brush the curly hair. Use a smooth comb and allow combing gently.
  2. Try to do a hair mask in wet condition and comb the hair during the wet condition. The wet hair is more prone for hair breaking better be patient and comb in wet condition.
  3. Excess heat on hair greatly damages the hair strength leads to the breakage of hair. Focus on rehydrating curl with moderate heat setting.
  4. After using a hair mask try to avoid the usage of hair sprays, hair dryer, and mousse. It weakens the strength of the hair bluntly.
  5. Cut your hair with the hair professionals is the brilliant choice of hair cut that amazingly rocks your curls.